Legal Expertise

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediations

Representation of clients in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. Representation in arbitration proceedings and mediations.

The basis for each conducted case is a planned litigation strategy prepared together with the client, risk analysis as well as the analysis of evidence possibilities.
We conduct proceedings in the field of commercial and civil law, copyright law, labour law and public procurement.
In our legal practice special attention is devoted to legal assistance to patients in claims management and court proceedings regarding medical errors.

We act as a attorneys in administrative and court-administrative proceedings in the Voivod Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court in cases connected with construction issues and financial corrections in spending public funds.
In cases connected with public procurement we represent both the procuring authorities and the contracting entities both in proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) and court proceedings.
We represent heads of public finance institutions in cases regarding breaches of public finance discipline – whether these cases are conducted by the public finance discipline auditor or the investigating board or the Main Investigating Board.

Our attorneys are also defenders in criminal proceedings, in particular regarding copyright infringement, traffic accidents and medical errors.

Alternative dispute resolution often gives faster and better results than traditional court proceedings. Advocate Marcin Lassota is a professional mediator of the Mediation Center at the Supreme Bar Council, he is also included in the list of permanent district court mediators throughout Poland.

Legal Training Courses

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Medical Law

Compensation for medical errors, protection of patients' rights, legal assistance for hospitals and doctors, pharmaceutical law.

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IP Law

Intellectual property law: copyright and related rights, industrial property law, legal advice, copyright agreements.

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Our Lawyers

Marcin Lassota LL.M.

Advocate, partner

Wojciech Krawiec

Advocate, partner

Agata Bylińska

Lawyer, specialist in public procurement

Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux

Advocate, of counsel
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