About Us

We have created Lassota Krawiec Law Firm, a general partnership, in order to help our clients in specialised and demanding areas of law. You may find our offices in Krakow and Warsaw. Our lawyers work throughout Poland and abroad.

We specialise in selected areas of law: medical law, IT law and personal data protection, film and advertising law, copyright law, public procurement and labour law. We act as attorneys in court and in arbitration, we provide permanent legal services, we advise on individual matters, we audit legal solutions, and represent our clients during mediations and negotiations.

We also organize and conduct legal trainings, constantly expanding our team of experienced trainers.

In our team we have experienced advocates and legal counsels ,lawyers and specialists.
Before we created the Lassota Law Firm as an independent general partnership, we were the Krakow branch of the LASSOTA I PARTNERZY Law Firm, existing since 2002.



All specializations

Personal Data

IT contracts and implementation, audits of enterprises and public institutions in terms of personal data protection, legal assistance in the processing of personal data, GDPR audits.

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Film Law

Legal assistance in the production and distribution of films, co-production agreements and legal advice in the field of copyright.

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Our Lawyers

Marcin Lassota

Advocate, partner

Wojciech Krawiec

Advocate, partner

Agata Bylińska

Lawyer, specialist in public procurement

Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux

Advocate, of counsel

Legal Training Courses

All Trainings
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