Training for public institutions

We conduct trainings for public (also cultural institutions) as single modules or as a full cycle of trainings. We provide open trainings for employees of public and cultural institutions, including museums, archives, documentation centers, festival organisers, as well as employees of foundations and associations operating in the field of culture.

training A: Copyright and related rights
How public institutions should construct provisions regarding copyright, related rights and image use? Whose consent must be obtained and when a consent is not necessary.

training B: Constructing contracts – civil and tax law issues
How to properly construct contracts in public institutions? What are the most important contractual provisions? How to avoid common mistakes?

training C: Public procurement in public institutions
How to properly prepare and conduct such proceedings? Which mode to choose and how to document the proceedings? When can a cultural institution award a sole-source contract or a contract below the value of 30,0000 euros?

Trainings A, B and C are part of the training cycle ABC of contracts in public institutions.

In addition, we also conduct the following trainings:
training D: personal data protection (GDPR) in public institutions
How to correctly collect and use personal data? When is the consent needed to process personal data? What rights do those whose data is processed have?

training E: sponsorship, promotion, competitions and lotteries
What is allowed in promotional activities? How to settle advertising and sponsorship benefits? How to organize contests and lotteries?

We conduct closed trainings tailored to the needs of individual public and cultural institutions. Our trainings include the following:

  • Copyright for archives
  • Legal aspects of social media marketing of cultural institutions
  • Copyright in the theater
  • City games, competitions and lotteries in cultural institutions
  • Public domain, fair use and Creative Commons licenses
  • Personal data (GDPR) in cultural institutions
  • Sponsorship, promotion, contests and lotteries

Our Trainers

Marcin Lassota

Advocate, partner

Wojciech Krawiec

Advocate, partner

Agata Bylińska

Lawyer, specialist in public procurement

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