Film industry trainings

Our experience in cooperation with film producers and co-producers, as well as film associations, investors, broadcasters, distributors, sponsors, artists, performers and filmmakers has enabled our trainers to provide trainings providing legal issues connected with the film industry Our training in film law is based on real examples and case studies.
The subjects of legal training for the film industry are determined basing on the specific needs of the institution.

Coaches from the Lassota Law Office have also conducted lectures and workshops on the following subjects:

  • Legal aspects of using music in film
  • Rights to film debuts and student etudes
  • Legal aspects of VOD and sharing movies on the web
  • The right of quote (related to music, film or photography) in film
  • Copyright law in the production of documentary films

Our trainers conduct legal trainings and workshops, among others during events addressed to the film industry, such as the Krakow Film Festival, the International Etiuda & Anima Festival, the Conference of Arthouse and Local Cinemas and NewCineForum.

Our Trainers

Marcin Lassota

Advocate, partner

Wojciech Krawiec

Advocate, partner

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