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Audit and Business Investigation

Audit of internal documentation, templates of documents and contracts as well as the solutions applied. Internal investigations concerning irregularities in companies.
As we are bound by legal professional privilege, we can guarantee full confidentiality during internal proceedings in companies and public institutions.
We conduct legal audits for companies and public institutions, which include:

  • Internal company regulations, including the adopted organizational structure and principles of representing the entity;
  • GDPR data protection regulations, including the documentation and security measures used, as well as internal regulations;
  • Employment (HR) regulations, especially work regulations, salary regulations, types of contracts depending on the position, scope of duties and contract templates and non-compete agreements;
  • Principles of awarding public tenders, including internal tender regulations, tender schedules and documenting the proceedings;
  • Contract procedures and documents used, including NDA agreements.

Internal audit allows for a strategic view and proposing optimal solutions for the client. Audit is often followed by internal training, preparing documentation and model contracts, as well as implementing new procedures.

We conduct internal business investigation activities in order to locate the source of irregularities and to find a confidential solution to the problems, that will remain the internal matter of the company.

In order to to so, we analyse the company’s documents, its bank transactions, we conduct interviews with employees, estimate the legal risk connected with the irregularities and specify future risk areas. Such internal proceedings may also be connected with the breach of employee duties or activities to the detriment of the company.

We conduct internal investigations in companies to detect the source of irregularities and find fully confidential solutions to problems that should and do remain an internal matter of the company. Professional secrecy is a guarantee of full confidentiality during the investigation, documenting its findings and presenting its results to company bodies.

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Litigation, Arbitration, Mediations

Representation of clients in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. Representation in arbitration proceedings and mediations.

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Personal Data

IT contracts and implementation, audits of enterprises and public institutions in terms of personal data protection, legal assistance in the processing of personal data, GDPR audits.

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Marcin Lassota LL.M.

Advocate, partner

Wojciech Krawiec

Advocate, partner

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Lawyer, specialist in public procurement

Magdalena Kasprzyk-Chevriaux

Advocate, of counsel
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